POPZ has been DJing around the southwest for around 4 years, playing a mix of genres such as DnB, Jungle, Hardcore, Garage and Ragga style tracks. She has grown up around the scene since she was young so has always had influence though family and friends. At 18 she released her first track POPZ - ROUND N ROUND WE GO which is a 140 dub track, and is still on her journey of production. She has also played on the radio multiple times through Eruption radio and has many mixes with growing labels such as Ghetto Dub, Mercy Records and Run Da Riddim.

POPZ has played at multiple venues around the South West in the past two years. And also had sets at festivals such as Green Gathering and Balter. She developed a unique choice of dance music and has always been flexible in what she plays, but has always had a heart from drum and bass. She has continued her music journey through empowering women within the music industry.