Appearing from the scene in the southwest over the last two years is co-founder and artist SEF who comes through with his heavy hitting and skatty underground drum and bass sounds along with some groovy beats and jungle riddims to complement and adapt to others styles and sounds when on stage. Whether you're at the rave for the addictive drums, dark 140 beats or for the evil basslines, the set is sure to impress.

So far, he has played on a vast variety of stages in venues across bristol for the past few years with the likes of Lakota for RDR and Shutdown, Clock Factory, Black Swan, Dare2Club, Attic Bar, and many others along with trips across europe like Amsterdam in early 2022. 

Recently, after releasing early tunes on his soundcloud, he has been hidden away working on his production to bring some of his own flavour to the scene with singles and collabs sure to turn some heads.